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All positions taken by the Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB) education policy come directly from the members of the Association. When an IASB staff member discusses policy with a state legislator, the Office of the Governor, or the State Board of Education, the message delivered is from school board members across the state. These Association positions are products of the IASB Delegate Assembly.


The IASB Constitution states that, “At least once each year, at a time and place determined by the Board of Directors, there shall be a meeting of the Delegate Assembly.” And, “Each Active Member shall be entitled to one voting delegate at any meeting of the Delegate Assembly.”

The Delegate Assembly is held each November in conjunction with the Association’s annual conference, with the assembly taking place on Saturday morning (Nov. 18).

According to the IASB Constitution, the Delegate Assembly is designed for policy formulation – “Policies guiding the operation of the Association shall be formulated by the Delegate Assembly.”


Each school board that is a member of the Association is entitled to submit proposals (“resolutions”) to the Delegate Assembly for the purpose of setting Association policy. Many of the resolutions are designed to give the Association direction at the Capitol regarding specific education-related legislative proposals.

A Resolutions Committee is established – one member elected locally from each of the 21 geographic divisions of the Association – to review the resolution proposals and to offer recommendations. Resolutions then are presented to the Delegate Assembly and are subject to a vote of the delegates. If a majority of the delegates vote in favor of the resolution, it is adopted as an IASB “Position Statement” to give direction to IASB members and staff.


Each school board has the responsibility of electing one of its members as the delegate for IASB. This can be done at any school board meeting throughout the year. The elected delegate not need to contact the Association prior to the conference to register as the delegate. On-site delegate registration is done at the Annual Conference in November.

The delegate is responsible for attending the Delegate Assembly in November and for voting on the proposed resolutions according to his or her school board’s recommendations. School boards are encouraged to discuss the proposed resolutions as a board and to instruct the delegate as to the position the board wishes to take on each resolution. The proposals to be discussed are distributed to all school boards in September of each year in the Resolutions Committee Report.